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COVID-19 keeping you from your office? Calisayas wants to help Santa Barbara get back to work! We provide a smooth “like you were there” remote connection to any computer in your office. We have experience in the hospitality industry, small & medium sized businesses, insurance, schools, police & fire, city municipalities and more. Text or call now for information on you specific industry, ‪805-364-2223‬.

Most installations can be done in as little as a day, many installations can done over the phone. Contact us for a free assessment

Our remote access solutions utilize enterprise grade network security between the office and your laptop, tablet or smart phone. File shares and printers too! We support Macintosh, Windows, Linux iOS and Android operating systems. High resolution remote graphics solutions are available for Adobe Photoshop, CAD & 3D applications.Text or call now for a free assessment and quote, we are here to help.

Our Services

Technical Assistance
Calisayas provides small business with technical assistance, including installing, configuring, maintaining and updating hardware and software.


Mobile Devices
We officer concierge mobile service including security, remote access to office files, local iCloud back ups, iMessage on android as a service, training, custom applications and more.

Network & Desktop Security
With a keen focus on computer security, we apply enterprise grade techniques that stops malware, viruses and ransomeware over the network before it enters your office, minimizing the possibility of an infection.

We protect from viruss and malware in downloaded files, suspicious e-mail attachments, bad Excel scripts, “root” kits and office wide ransomeware inflections leaving you with peace of mind.


Server Administration
We handle administration of existing Windows or Linux based servers including sql/database management, web server administration, mail & calendaring and file serving.

Remote Access
Calisayas offers high speed office remote access. Our remote access solutions utilize enterprise grade network security between the office and a remote workstations, lag-free.

Adobe Photoshop, CAD & 3D remote solutions are available. The remote users will have access to all printers and servers in the office.


VMWare Administration
Full virtualization support for VMWare including installation & configuration, server migration, high speed remote access to virtual machines, live migration & administration of existing systems.